Vic Malhotra Talks About His Kick-Ass Space Comic Roche Limit

At the 2014 Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo, artist Vic Malhotra took a seat with me at his table to talk about the latest hit published by Image, Roche Limit, which he co-created with writer Michael Moreci. It also has some wicked colors by Jordan Boyd, letters by Ryan Ferrier and design by Tim Daniel. If you haven't read it, pick it up. Roche Limit is a kick-ass story that pulls you in and leaves you clamoring for the next issue.

Malhotra and I go on to talk about his work on X-Files: Year Zero, X-Files: Conspiracy and the cult hit and fan favorite: Tiger Lawyer, written by Ryan Ferrier. I could tell you just how talented, approachable and cool Malhotra is, but hey, go ahead and click play on the Soundcloud link below and enjoy the interview. 

Edmonton Expo 2014: Vic Malhotra