Hooked on Krack(le). Kirby Krackle Frontman Talks Nerdy Music

Kirby Krackle frontman, Kyle Stevens, at the 2014 Edmonton Expo

Kyle Stevens made his first trip to the 2014 Edmonton Expo to represent his – Foo Fighters meets Weezer – nerd rock band, Kirby Krackle, which was founded in 2009. These guys are the real deal among the nerds and geeks who love comics and all things comic/video games/scifi related. If you’ve been to a convention either in Canada or the U.S. that last five years, then you’ve more than likely met the band in person and/or seen them perform live. 

Seattle, a city that has given us so many awesome bands over the years also gives us Kirby Krackle - the creators and leaders of the nerd rock genre. BAM! 

Listen to our interview via the Soundcloud player, and also check out the Kirby Krackle social channels: TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram and Tumblr