Ryan Ferrier: On the Rise - Part Two

Fiona Staples variant cover

Welcome to part two of our two-part series with comic book writer Ryan Ferrier. In part one of our series we talked about his career, where he started and where he is now.

In this segment, we talk about the three huge books he has coming out in 2015: D4VE in print from IDW (February 11), Curb Stomp from BOOM! Studios (February 25) and then in March, he'll be taking the writing reigns on Sons of Anarchy, also from BOOM! Studios. Ferrier dishes on what's to come for Tiger Lawyer, as well as one of his very cool series The Brothers James. Plus, if you haven't read his one-shot, ULTRANOVA, it's worth your milk money and time. Pick it up because it's fuckin' fantastic!

Ferrier goes on to talk about where he'll be this year, with regard comic conventions. And just recently announced, Ferrier will be doing a signing at Alpha Comics in Calgary on Wednesday, February 25 from 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. Whether you meet him at Alpha or at a convention, don't be shy, ask him anything and he'll take the time to actually chat with you. And be sure to inquire about his signing/convention special: the fingerless leather glove treatment.

And with that, hit play on the Soundcloud link and enjoy. This is Ryan Ferrier: On the Rise, part two.