Calgary Expo 2015 - Squarriors Creative Team: Ash Maczko & Ashley Witter

Ash Maczko (writer) and Ashley Witter (artist) of the comic Squarriors - from Devil's Due Entertainment - spoke with me yesterday during their first ever trip to Canada and to the Calgary Expo. Their book Squarriors will soon release issues three (of the four). Maczko talks about his love for Bob and Doug McKenzie and the lack of cosplayers donning the famous hoser look. Today is the final day of the Calgary Expo, so get to their table, meet them and buy their comics. You'll be glad that you did. Plus, look for them at C2E2 (Chicago ComicCon) next weekend. Have a listen to the interview now. Just hit play on the Soundcloud link.



This interview was written and recorded by Managing Editor, Chris Doucher, at the 2015 Calgary Expo.