Calgary Expo 2016: Where She Walks - A Goddess, A Dragon And More

Nathan & Erin Millar at Calgary Expo 2016. (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/GeekNerdNet)

On day one of the 2016 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, the talented brother and sister comic creator team, Erin and Nathan Millar talk about their comic, Where She Walks. We get into the simple and extremely uplifting feeling of getting their book into the hands of new fans. A book with the theme that reaches out to the part of you that isn't doing what it wants to be (or should be) doing. And, I also don't want to leave out that their latest book was lettered by fellow Calgary comic talent, Ryan Ferrier. Plus, random shout out to all cosplayers: they love seeing you, so walk over and say hello. And if you're going to be at the Calgary Expo this weekend, please go see them at table D02. Plus, have a look at Nathan's new art book GET NICE. On that nice note, click that little Soundcloud link and have a listen to Erin and Nathan.




This interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet.