Calgary Expo 2016: Ben Rankel On His Graphic Novel FRANK

Ben Rankel at the 2016 Calgary Expo. (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/GeekNerdNet)

On the final day of the 2016 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Ben Rankel sat down to tell me about his new graphic novel, Frank, coming out in 2017. A crime story set around the tragedy that hit the town of Frank back in 1903, when tonnes of limestone cracked off the mountain and buried the town, killing close to 100 people. As Ben puts it, "where better to bury a body than under a bunch of fallen rock." Ben also talks about the plan to possibly toss out teaser images between now and the release date. So keep an eye out on Ben's Twitter feed and also, Renegade Arts Entertainment publisher Alexander Finbow's feed for more details of what is sure to be a very compelling and engaging story. But hey, I'll let you listen to Ben chat about Frank now. Just hit play on the link below.

This interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet.