Calgary Expo 2017: Meet The Cold Fire Artist & Writer Aaron Navrady

Photo credit: Aaron Navrady

The Cold Fire writer and artist, Aaron Navrady. (Photo credit: Charles Cousins)

Okay, all cards on the table, this interview with Aaron Navrady - as you'll hear - was conducted at the 2016 Edmonton Expo, about six months ago. So, it's been dusted off and put to the top of the shelf to be our first post of the 2017 Calgary Expo (right around the corner - April 27-30). First, if you're going to the Calgary Expo at any time over the next four days, go meet Aaron - BMO C08 -  and talk to him about his book The Cold Fire. It's a pretty damn cool medieval story that you definitely need to get your hands on. As Navrady tells it, over a decade ago, he was living and working in the French Alps, and he was completely inspired by the history, culture, castles, Templar Knights, and everything in between. It was this time in his life that pushed him to produce this book - especially the art that he poured his guts into. I could go on and on about his story, but Navrady really tells it best, so go ahead and hit play on the Soundcloud link and listen to this interview. Again, thanks for taking the time, Aaron. 

This interview was conducted and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet.