Calgary Expo 2017: A Chat With Artist Max Dunbar

Artist Max Dunbar at the 2017 Calgary Expo (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/

On the final day of the 2017 Calgary Expo, I sat down with Canadian comicbook artist Max Dunbar. He's worked on titles including Dungeons & Dragons, Slash & Burn and Micronauts, just to name a few. Keep an eye out, because this summer (August) he has a huge comics crossover event coming out via IDW called First Strike. Prediction: If you're a fan of G.I. Joe and the Transformers, then you're going to love it. And quite simply, if you're a fan of incredible art, writing and story, then plunk down a few bucks and read First Strike.

Dunbar talks about his first series Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises (2012), the process of when he got started and having to work his day job, while also working on his first comic title - not just a one-shot - but a full blown four-issue series. Slash & Burn (Vertigo) is another series that Dunbar did, so if you like a gritty, modern day crime story, then this is the book for you. Trust me, it's on my immediate must-read list. Also, Dunbar goes on to talk about how Jim Zub - writer on Dungeons & Dragons with IDW - recommended to be the artist on the D&D book.

There's so much more I can tell you about Dunbar, but I'd rather you listen to it yourself. Hit play on the Soundcloud link and enjoy. 

This interview was written and recorded by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for