Your top read is coming in September: Mecha Samurai Empire by Peter Tieryas

This piece was written by staff writer, Michael Worthan

Come September what will you be reading?

Mecha Samurai Empire author, Peter Tieryas. (Photo credit: Angela Xu)

If I’ve learned anything in this world, it’s that if you add intrigue, with Else World like futures, and Giant Mechas, you’ve got what I consider a very winning combination. If you, dear reader, are curious as to what I am talking about, well I’m about to toss some non-spoiler knowledge your way.

From the author of “United States of Japan,” Peter Tieryas, on September 18, 2018 we will be getting his latest novel, “Mecha Samurai Empire.”

Take a gander below at the description of the soon to be released novel, and tell me you aren’t at least a little bit intrigued.

“The Man in the High Castle meets Pacific Rim in this action-packed alternate history novel from the award-winning author of United States of Japan. Germany and Japan won WWII and control the U.S., and a young man has one dream: to become a mecha pilot.

Makoto Fujimoto grew up in California, but with a difference--his California is part of the United States of Japan. After Germany and Japan won WWII, the United States fell under their control. Growing up in this world, Mac plays portical games, haphazardly studies for the Imperial Exam, and dreams of becoming a mecha pilot. Only problem: Mac's grades are terrible. His only hope is to pass the military exam and get into the prestigious mecha pilot training program at Berkeley Military Academy.

When his friend Hideki's plan to game the test goes horribly wrong, Mac washes out of the military exam too. Perhaps he can achieve his dream by becoming a civilian pilot. But with tensions rising between Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany and rumors of collaborators and traitors abounding, Mac will have to stay alive long enough first...”

I have read both novels, and can easily recommend them to you. But, do yourself a favor and pick up “United States of Japan,” and you’ll see why I'm excited for everyone I know - and for anyone I don’t know - to take a look at this fine gentleman’s books. Extremely fun, intriguing, thrilling, and well written; “Mecha Samurai Empire” is a one of a kind story that will entice the imagination of any and all who read it.

Take a gander, pick it up on September 18, 2018.

Oh, are you wondering where to pick it up? Well, here you go:

About Peter Tieryas:

Peter Tieryas is the author of Mecha Samurai Empire and United States of Japan, which won Japan's top SF award, the Seiun. He's written for Kotaku, S-F Magazine,, and ZYZZYVA. He's also been a technical writer for LucasArts, a VFX artist at Sony, and currently works in feature animation.

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