Panel One 2018: Gamers Are People Too - By Josh Miller

The following interview was recorded, and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. ( is the Official Media Sponsor of the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival)

Josh Miller at the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/

Did you know? Gamers are people, too. Which is the title of Josh Miller's series: Gamers are People Too. He took time from a busy day at the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival to give me the rundown on his series and other works as well. It centres around twenty-something kids, and their slice of life, which just happens to touch on all aspects of the gaming lifestyle, and the view of life from a different perspective, and how the series is - as coined by Josh - “Dismal escapism.” To hear about how all the things that Josh loves, sucks, listen away to this very pointed and fun interview. Hit play on the Soundcloud link, and enjoy. (*If you have any issue playing the audio, please reload the page and select/tap/click where it says “Listen in browser.”)