Panel One 2018: A thunderous fun time talking comics with with Michael McAdam and Kyle Burles

(L to R): Michael McAdam and Kyle Burles at the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/GeekNerdNet)

The following interview was recorded, and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. ( is the Official Media Sponsor of the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival)

While at the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival, I spoke with Michael McAdam, writer, and Kyle Burles, artist from Two Gargoyles Comics. Right off the top, we are introduced to one of the publisher’s mainstay books, Thunder,  written by Michael. This superhero is half norse god, half Canadian, and of course, super polite.

Next up was their latest release called Gloaming, written by Michael, with art by Kyle Burles. And man oh man, it’s a very cool – yet creepy – story. And by creepy, I mean really super cool kind of creepy. And if you want to lose a little sleep one night, just have a look at the cover for issue two, which touches on all the nerves; a baby doll looking oh so menacing. It’s really the stuff nightmares are made of. Nicely done, Kyle. Nicely done.

On that note, how about you hit play on the Soundcloud link and have a listen to this fun interview that I did with Michael and Kyle. (*If you have any issue playing the audio, please reload the page and select/tap/click where it says “Listen in browser.”)