Panel One 2018: The Demons of Angels by H.C. Gislason

The following interview was recorded, and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. ( is the Official Media Sponsor of the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival)

The Demons of Angels writer, H.C. Gislason at the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival. (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/

While at the 2018 Panel One Comic Creator Festival I spoke with H.C. Gislason, creator and writer on her recently released  - and first - graphic novel, The Demons of Angels, illustrated by Nick Ramario, in association with Falkana Studios. To sum up the book in one sentence, she puts it this way:

“It’s about a female vigilante who murders rapists…it’s like Dexter with a Sin City vibe.”

Now, if that doesn’t get you on board with this book immediately, I don’t know what will. The book is 12 years in the making, and the origin behind the story it is pretty cool, too. Have a listen to my interview with Hayley, and listen to her talk about it. Just hit play on the Soundcloud link. (*If you have any issue playing the audio, please reload the page and select/tap/click where it says “Listen in browser.”)