Take A Minute And Appreciate The Abundance Of Geeky Choices in 2019

This piece was written by staff writer, Michael Worthan.

Sometimes we need to step back and see what is most important to us. In what is becoming - or in reality has been - a very saturated market concerning all things comics. With so many amazing comics out there on the big screen, not only is it hard to watch them all, hell it is difficult to remember them. Along with whatever else you watch, read, or enjoy in general, it can be hard to take a moment to try and get everything straight with every rumor out there. So. it’s time to revel in the fact that there are so many options to choose from in the very near future that is 2019. When I was growing up we had a few amazing cartoons, and only a few movies a year that were comic book related, if that, And, a few TV shows that were good, and a few that were flat out bad.

Here is a quick look at what 2019 holds for us at the movies:

  • Alita: Battle Angel: February 14

  • Captain Marvel: March 8

  • Shazam: April 5

  • Hellboy: April 12

  • Avengers: Endgame: April 26

  • Dark Phoenix: June 7

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home: July 5

  • The New Mutants: August 2

  • Joker: October 4

As for television and streaming services there is a whole slew of new shows coming, which makes it difficult as there is a whole slew of TV shows currently on air that are doing really well.
So take a gander below and see what shows you may be interested in here, and trust me, there are some really good ones coming our way.

  • Watchmen: HBO (TBA)

  • Swamp Thing: DC Universe Online (TBA)

  • Harley Quinn: DC Universe Online (TBA)

  • Stargirl: DC Universe Online (TBA)

  • The Boys: Amazon Prime (TBA, but they have dropped 2 trailers already)

  • Umbrella Academy: Netflix Feb. 15

  • Doom Patrol: DC Universe Online Feb 15

That is a lot of new stuff that will mix into all of your other flights of fancy. Enjoy!

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