Tanner Zipchen Talks Conventions, Radio, TV, and his Bird Knowledge

The following interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet.

Tanner Zipchen moderating a panel with David Tennant at the 2018 Edmonton Expo. (Photo credit: Charles Cousins for GeekNerdNet.com)

If you've been to a Cineplex movie theatre anywhere in Canada, you'll most likely recognize the name Tanner Zipchen (pronounced zip-shin). He’s the Pre-Show host who you'll watch before almost every film. This Canadian media personality has definitely made a name for himself over the years, thanks to his hosting, acting and moderating of panels at conventions. The Saskatchewan-born and raised entertainer - who now calls Toronto home - has had his fair share of travel with his red carpet work around the globe.

I had a chance to finally meet and catch up with him backstage at the 2018 Edmonton Expo, where he was moderating panels with various actors, including Brent Spiner and David Tennant. Zipchen tells me about his time in university with an eye on becoming a biology teacher, however, his then radio program director asked if he had ever thought about doing radio interviews for a living, which eventually led to his on screen work. And, did you know? Zipchen knows a heck of a lot about birds - specifically owls and hawks.

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