Talking Fatespinner Trilogy with Author S.K. Aetherphoxx

Author S.K. Aetherphoxx at the 2018 Edmonton Expo. (Photo credit: Charles Cousins)

The following interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. (Photo credits to Charles Cousins and Chris Doucher)

At the 2018 Edmonton Expo, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and chatting with S.K. Aetherphoxx (pronounced ether-fox), author of the Fatespinner trilogy. If you're into a story that features four gods who manipulate and control the destiny of mankind, then you'll want to get your hands on S.K.'s books. Aetherphoxx gives a synopsis of these books that is sure to get you pretty excited about the world he’s been building with this series. He also goes on to talk about entering the world of self-publishing and what he's doing to help new authors get their work published.  

LISTEN NOW: Listen to S.K. talk about his work by simply tapping/selecting “Listen in bowser” on the Soundcloud link. Depending on which device you’re accessing this interview, you may also click/select the SoundCloud Play button.