Interview: Creators of In My Time Of Dying - Chad Colpitts & Nathan Millar

The following interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. (Photo credits to Chris Doucher and Charles Cousins for GeekNerdNet)

Chad Colpitts (left) and Nathan Millar at the 2019 Calgary Expo (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/

Calgary comic book creators Chad Colpitts and Nathan Millar took time during the 2019 Calgary Expo to talk about their latest book: In My Time Of Dying. A unique book that actually takes a previously existing unpublished comic, and breathes life back into it with a new story. That new story is about a girl who is dying of cancer and her journey as she looks for her estranged father who is suffering from a mental illness. It’s a beautiful story, but now I want you to listen to Colpitts and Millar talk more in-depth about it. LISTEN NOW: Simply tap/select “Listen in bowser” on the Soundcloud link. Depending on which device you’re accessing this interview, you may also click/select the SoundCloud Play button.