Hate Shakespeare? You Won’t After Reading Kill Shakespeare.

The following is an interview with comic writer Conor McCreery and he will get you more excited about Shakespeare’s characters then you ever thought possible. The book, Kill Shakespeare (from IDW), is the brainchild of co-creators Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col, with art by Andy Belanger. The premise: take all of Shakespeare’s famous characters and put them in the same world and pit them against one another, with one end goal in mind: to save or kill a mysterious wizard named William Shakespeare.

Having read the volume one trade (of four), this story is a fun, accessible fantasy and adventure read.

Now if you think this is cool, then you’ll definitely love the recently released comic from McCreery and Del Col – via Dynamite Comics – Sherlock Holmes versus Harry Houdini. It’s in stores now. Pick it up.

And now, play the Soundcloud image and listen to McCreery talk Kill Shakespeare.

Kill Shakespeare's co-creator Conor McCreery