Chatting Comics and Canadiana With Artist Nick Johnson

Artist Nick Johnson at the 2014 Edmonton Expo

Nick Johnson is a Canadian comic book artist and an upcoming talent in the industry who - sooner rather than later - will become a household name at comic shops right across the multiverse. Plus, he is seriously one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. When speaking with him at the Edmonton Expo this fall, he gave us the rundown on one of his latest projects called Canadian Pulp, which he created for Fast Forward Magazine, an all-together very cool interpretation of moments in Canadian history. Plus, he is the artist on the very fun web comic called Wolf Hands: Season One, written by Justin Heggs and available online or at Alpha Comics in Calgary. It’s about a cell phone salesman who is bitten by a dying werewolf and his hands turn to werewolf hands when trouble is near. Also, you can find some of Nick’s art in Fight Comics, by writer Jason Mehmel.

Go ahead, hit play on the Soundcloud link and listen to my interview with Nick.