Jeff Martin’s War of 1812, Redcoats-ish, is Tons of Fun

Jeff Martin's War of 1812, Redcoats-ish

At this year’s Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, I had the opportunity to speak with artist and writer, Jeff Martin. He’s the brains behind the super-fun war of 1812 inspired series Redcoats(ish), which started as a web series on the Renegade Arts Entertainment site and is now available as a trade paperback. Martin is a cartoonist, writer and currently a disgruntled hockey fan (just ask him who his favourite team is and you’ll know why – sorry, Jeff). As you listen to us chat all things Redcoats(ish) and other works, we had to cut away from Jeff as he was busy signing his work for fans. Luckily, I was able to bring in Alexander Finbow, publisher of Renegade Arts, to chat with us for a couple minutes. Also, be sure to check out Martin’s other projects, Hockeypocalypse and Heat: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling on his site

Hit play on the little Soundcloud link and have a listen to Jeff Martin.