Seven Mathematicians Solve Grand Metaphysical Problems in Mathemagick

Okay gang, buckle up because we are about to talk math, but in the coolest way. Admittedly, I’ve never been great or interested in math, but when writer James Davidge took time at the recent Edmonton Expo to speak with me about his series Mathemagick – put together by him and his cousin Jesse – I was instantly hooked on the story, and you should be too. As Davidge points out, the adventures are akin to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. Excellent! 

And not to be forgotten is Davidge’s collection of short stories called My Modern Panic, featuring the art of Nick Johnson, Nathan Millar and Fiona Staples, just to name a few. You can find all of Davidge’s work on Amazon and Comixology.

I’ll let you listen to Davidge discuss his works in much more detail. Click play on the Soundcloud link.

Comic book writer James Davidge at the 2014 Edmonton Expo