Gail Simone - Comic Writer Extraordinaire and Super Nice, Too

Gail Simone at the 2015 Edmonton Expo (photo credit: Charles Cousins, GNN)

Gail Simone, fresh off of her big run on Red Sonja was at the 2015 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo and she was super awesome to take time away from her fan signings to sit down and speak with me. Simone truly is a modern-day comic writing legend. We get right into it, from discussing her time on Red Sonja, her love of talking to up-and-coming creators like she did at the Geek Girls in Comics Panel and to her latest work on Vertigo's The Clean Room, which hits shelves October 21, 2015. By the way, once you hear her dish on The Clean Room, you'll definitely want to read it. I know I do. 

Because fans have been demanding it, Gail made available a limited number of reprinted scripts of highly popular comics that she's worked on, for fans to get their hands on. The particular issues that she reprinted for Edmonton Expo will never be reprinted again, so if you got your hands on one (or two like I did), consider yourself very lucky. You know what? I have rambled on long enough and it's time for you to hit play on the Soundcloud player and listen to Gail talk comics. Thank you again, Ms. Simone! And I now present to you, the great Gail Simone at the 2015 Edmonton Expo.