An Actual Comic Convention For Creators? Panel One Is On It!

Steven Charles Rosia, comic writer and artist, spoke with me about the upcoming Panel One: Comic Creator Festival on June 4, 2016 at the Hillhurst Community Association, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

First: a quick history lesson. Panel One is a comic collective of established and up-and-coming comic artists and writers from Calgary and surrounding area. Its main goal, to bring the strong and thriving community of local creators together, to meet, share stories, collaborate, draw, laugh, nerd out and at times, drink. In no particular order.

The group has grown quite a bit since January 2015, and now it's doing the next best thing:  putting on a convention for comic creators from Calgary and beyond. And the only stars here are the rising stars of today's comic book industry. Now, for a convention like this to get off the ground you need raise a bit of cash to rent the space, tables etc., so the organizers have gone to one of the best places around: Kickstarter. 

UPDATE: Less than 24 hours from publishing this story, the inaugural Panel One: Comic Creator Festival surpassed it's $3,000 CAD funding goal, and is currently at $3,193 with 33 hours remaining in its campaign. But hey, go check out all of the fantastic pledge levels still available. Hurry, there's only 33 hours left to become a backer. Now please hit play and listen to my interview with Steven Charles Rosia to learn even more about this event. And then check out their Kickstarter campaign.


This interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor of