DC: Movie-verse v. Arrow-verse

This post was written by our staff writer, Michael Worthan.

Photo credit (for all photos in this article): Mark Patton

Instead of a generalized intro I’m going to skip the fluff and get right into the topic at hand. Personally I’m a fan, as much as everyone wants to complain I enjoy there being more of a choice between Universes. As Flash this season *spoiler* has already introduced us to the 52 Universes for DC Comics, why can’t we assume that the movie-verse for all intent and purposes is in fact a different Universe within those 52. Imagine it, an exploration of all those possibilities, seeing Earth-2’s Arrow, finding out that Zoom is possibly Barry’s dad, or even more intriguing Barry himself. Why complain that the movies Barry Allen is different, or that there is a possibility that we see a different take on Green Arrow? I love both of the CW shows, and if the build up is any indication I’m going to be a fan of the new spin-off mini-series Legends of Tomorrow.

So nerdom, why don’t we all just take a small quick breath and realize that maybe this is for the better. Instead of copying Marvel, which let’s face it probably won’t ever really intro the Defenders into the movies and vice versa beyond a few snippets here and there, DC is doing its own thing for better or for worse, and as a fan, I’m okay with that.