Steven Charles Rosia's MUSKOKA is Our Kickstarter Campaign of the Month

To showcase MUSKOKA, our first Kickstarter of the Month, I interviewed the man behind the project, Steven Charles Rosia, comic book writer, artist, colorist and professional coffee drinker from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. We delve into the mystery of what this not-so-typical horror story is all about, the look and feel, the funny way he came up with the name and of course, the incredible popularity it has garnered via the Kickstarter campaign, which will conclude Wednesday, March 18 at 5 p.m. MST. I bet that once you start to read this story, you will not be able to put it down. Having said that, go ahead and fund this book for as little as $3 or more.

Before I tell you to hit play on the Soundcloud link and listen to our interview, there's one other cool thing I need to point out: he paints with coffee! Steven tells us how that got started:

"And yes! I do paint with coffee. I started painting with coffee and espresso when I was working up north in the oil patch. It wasn't possible for me to just leave camp to get art supplies as I needed, so the best I could was wander down to the cafeteria. I worked for an Italian company and an espresso machine was a must! There was one in every trailer up there. The first coffee piece I painted was with a bundle of q-tips taped together in the shower as to not make a mess. I've worked on my technique since then and have established a system of roasting the darkest coffee/espresso I can manage and diluting it to create lighter tones. From there it's a matter of layering to get everything in between. Almost every painting I do that has brown in it is painted with coffee now. True story!"

Be sure you visit Steven at O-12 at the 2015 Calgary Expo and talk to him about MUSKOKA, as well as an incredibly powerful story he did called The Man Outside The Window. And now's the time to hit play on the link and listen.