Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter Garners 3 SICBA 2015 Nominations

Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter, from Renegade Arts Entertainment, has been nominated in three categories including Best Graphic Novel, Best Writer(s) and Best Newcomer(s) by the Scottish International Comic Book Awards (aka SICBA). And the winner is chosen by you! Voting only takes a few minutes of your time, so go ahead and vote now:

This morning, I spoke with Alexander Finbow, editor and publisher on Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter, and here's what he had to say about the nominations: 

"We're delighted that Robbie Burns Witch Hunter has been nominated for several SICBA Awards. Gordon, Emma, Tiernen and Jim have created a wonderful story and these awards should hopefully bring the book to the attention of more readers."

If you have already read it then you know just how great this story is. If you haven't read it, get your hands on this book as quick as you can and immerse yourself in it. Plus, I highly recommend you have a nice glass of scotch on hand while reading. 


Here's the wonderful creative team behind this story: 

Written by Emma Beeby & Gordon Rennie

Illustrated by Tiernen Trevallion

Letters and production by Jim Campbell

Robbie Burns Biography by Jerry Brannigan

Editor and Publisher - Alexander Finbow

This article was written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor at