Nicely Done! Comic Community Raises $2,000 for Alpha Comics

Chris H. is presented with the $2,000 raised for his store - June 6/15. (photo credit: GNN)

A break-in at the end of May to one of Calgary's hottest destinations for all things comics, left Chris, the owner of Alpha Comics, with a security decision: put up bars inside or have metal shutters installed to the exterior of the store. Both of which come with high costs. The first option, bars inside would not do because his shop is a community destination, not just a business. The second being metal shutters custom made for the exterior of the store, also comes with a high financial hit.

So, wanting to do all they could to help, local artists, writers, publishers, as well as our site and the great local collective Panel One, came together and planned what is now dubbed #AlphaDay. The event, held June 6, 2015, saw an outpouring of support and community attendance. Over a four-hour span, local artists donated their talent and drew commissions for fans of all ages with all money going to Alpha. I am more than happy to tell you that $2,000.00 was raised, completely stunning the owner of the local shop. Make sure you follow them on Twitter at @alphacomics and Like them on Facebook.

Hit play on the Soundcloud link and have a listen to the interview I did with Chris from Alpha, after Saturday's event. Also, check out the plethora of fun pics from the day in our gallery below.



ALPHA DAY GALLERY - June 6, 2015 (photo credits: GNN)

This interview was recorded and written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet.