TCAF 2017: Nyco Rudolph Bears All The Details About When Big Bears Invade

Nyco Rudolph (left) and Alexander Finbow at TCAF 2017. (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/

Winnipeg artist Nyco Rudolph was his usual nice self, and took time from the bustling Renegade Arts Entertainment table to chat with me about the new book When Big Bears Invade, while at the 2017 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). Rudolph, whose print series (Bears Invade) inspired writer (and Publisher for Renegade Arts) Alexander Finbow to pitch that they do a book. Essentially, bears are furious with the way humans have treated their country - Canada. And these bears are Godzilla-size beings tearing the great white north apart. 

Mini-review of When Big Bears Invade: I've read this book, and I have also read it to my six-year-old, and I'll tell you, When Big Bears Invade is great for all ages. Plus, it's simply a super fun book. And what better year to have a book like this launch, than during Canada's 150th birthday. 

Go on, hit play on the Soundcloud link and listen as Nyco Rudolph gives you the goods on some pretty huge bears.


This interview was written and recorded by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for