TCAF 2017: Talking Underwinter And More With Ray Fawkes

Ray Fawkes at TCAF 2017. (Photo credit: Chris Doucher/GeekNerdNet)

I sat down with artist and writer Ray Fawkes at the 2017 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), and what a treat it was to chat with him about his work. His latest ongoing book, Underwinter, is a horror book that has a European feel to it, and one that fans are loving and left wanting more. Fawkes talks about that no matter if Underwinter goes 10, 20 or 100 issues, he already knows the ending and talks about the satisfaction that comes with knowing that fact. As Fawkes says: "Every moment of the story is leading the characters down the path to that ending."  Fawkes and I get into the beauty behind a free event like TCAF, and what that means versus traditional conventions.

Also, we chat about another series of his called Jackpot, about a group of con men who rip off the Gods. On that note, hit play on the Soundcloud link and enjoy listening to Ray Fawkes. (*If you have any issue playing the audio, please reload the page and select/tap/click where it says “Listen in browser.”)



This interview was written and recorded by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for