P1CCF: Amber Noelle & Allison Paige - Whispering Ash

L to R: Allison Paige and Amber Noelle at the 2017 Panel One Comic Creator Festival. (Photo credit: Chris Doucher, GeekNerdNet)

I first met Allison Paige (artist) and Amber Noelle (writer) at the 2016 Edmonton Expo, but unfortunately, thanks to modern technology, the interview was lost. So that sucked. But, fast forward to the 2017 Panel One Comic Creator Festival (P1CCF) in Calgary, and I got the chance to interview these two super talented creators, and talk about some of their work. Amber Noelle - writer - gives us an overview of Ophelia, the first installment of the Whispering Ash series, a very different, but cool type of horror comic. Consider me hooked. Allison Paige, artist on the series, goes on to talk about the creative process - from first script draft to thumbnails, and finished product, as well as some other books they've been working on. Hit play on the fancy Soundcloud link below and enjoy.