Review time: When Big Bears Invade


The book: When Big Bears Invade

The creative team: Alexander Finbow (writer), Nyco Rudolph (artist), Ryan Ferrier (logo, cover design, typesetting and production)

The publisher: Renegade Arts EntertainmentLtd. (located in a secret mountain lair in Canmore, Alberta)

The rating: FUN!

(The following review was written by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet.)

When Big Bears Invade was released in Spring 2017. The story focuses on a group of kids as they discover a larger than life bear print in the forest. Monster size, really. With writer Alexander Finbow's wonderful rhyming and storytelling and Nyco Rudolph's stellar illustrations, this book weaves a fun tale about the peaceful, maple syrup eating, hockey-loving, toque-wearing nation of Canada being overrun and destroyed by BIG bears. They've come to remind humanity - mainly Canadians - not to take the land for granted, and be better to the environment around them. When I first read it, I I felt like a kid again - and that's not a bad thing. I also read it to my (then 6-year-old daughter) and she was mesmerized and insisted that I read it to her a few more times. If you can get immediate kid approval, then you know you've got something pretty special. Here's hoping that Finbow and Rudolph decide to wake the big bears from hibernation again. 

**If you're going to be at the 2017 Edmonton Expo this weekend (Sept.22-24), go meet the creators at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth and purchase your copy of When Big Bears Invade.

Plus, have a listen to the creative team for When Big Bears Invade in interviews from earlier this year:

Alexander Finbow at the 2017 Calgary Expo

Nyco Rudolph at TCAF 2017