The "Killed My Childhood" Generation

This piece was written by staff writer, Michael Worthan.


We have been gifted a great many things in nerddom, all fan sects have received a slice of the proverbial pie, and there is so much more that can be handed out. From comics, to movie, and into gaming and anime we have it all and yet there is always a phrase I seem to see or hear and it irks me. The saying “they killed my childhood” is floated everywhere. A change or tweak in a character, a reimaging of something you once loved as a kid, and suddenly a meme pops up, or a friend is posting about how something “ruined their childhood”.

Usually, I would go on with a diatribe, possibly build to s crescendo of thoughts, but I think this one deserves less flourish and more of a blunt thought.

Your childhood can only be ruined by you. Not by remakes, or rehashing of old tales, not by them bringing back Animaniacs or HBK cutting his hair. Only your naivety and foolishness can ruin your childhood. How do you think we got all those cartoons or shows that you’re so fond of? Somewhere, long ago, someone had an idea with an archetype and told a story, a story that has probably been told thousands, if not hundreds of thousands times since, all with the storytellers own twist and flare.

Why people just can’t enjoy what was given to them, and allow this younger generation to have theirs, doesn’t make any sense to me.

No one killed your childhood, stop focusing on the negative, enjoy what has been given.

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