A Stop at the Movies

This piece was written by staff writer, Michael Worthan.


2018 was a pretty amazing year for comic book movies. From Black Panther to Avengers Infinity War, and all the way to DC - what seems like a great step in the right direction - with Aquaman. However, I had my favorite (and for anyone that knows my affinity for DC this would surprise you), but I loved Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse.

This movie could have easily gotten in its own way with gimmicks and Spider-Ham being a cartoon. They could have pushed the zany antics, or delved too deep in one direction, but this movie was so well done, with such great cinematics to the point that it felt as if you were watching a comic book come to life. The voice cast was a number of familiar folks that not only breathed life into the different Spider characters, but gave them character that was equal or greater than that of their comic book predecessor.

The story was about life lessons, sacrifice, and heroics of course, but mainly it was about learning. Learning how to cope, how to become, how to adjust, and not just for our main protagonist Miles Morales, but for every Spider-Man, Woman, and Pig that he comes in contact with, as well as his family. With a touching cameo from the one and only Stan Lee that may have gotten me a bit misty eyed, Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse had the right amount of everything, and was bolstered by a fantastic soundtrack, which I recommend you take a listen to on whatever streaming service you fancy.

A fantastic movie that I will definitely see again and again as well as own whatever deluxe edition they come out with. I can easily say that this was my favorite comic book movie, if not favorite movie in general from 2018.

While we are on the Spider-Man topic, you should also take a look at the fantastic trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home that is now on the web for you to enjoy.

Let’s see what 2019 brings us in movies and geeky fun!

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