A Legendary Farewell, and a MARVELous Hello, and a Silent Nod

This piece was written by staff writer, Michael Worthan.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. (Photo credit: Twitter account for Captain Marvel - @captainmarvel)

If you haven’t guessed by the title, this is Captain Marvel related, as well as a few other things. Please know, there will inevitably be some spoilery stuff in here, more so only a few pieces, as I don’t like spoiling movies. I still suggest turning back, and then come read this only AFTER you have seen the flick! Also note, it’s an awesome movie with a great cast and star, so go see it!

After a long tenuous wait for it to come out, and for Avengers: Endgame to be merely be a month away, I took my wife with me to see Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson. I was excited because it looked good from the first and only trailer I watched. It was set in the 90’s, which was just an amazing nostalgia nod, and it brought about the first ever female LED Marvel film, which was kind of an about time moment as there are amazing Marvel female characters.

The negative reviews and bitter one-note tweets showed what I knew all along, we definitely need more female led comic book movies. With the amount of great characters there are, and with Marvel taking over FOX, there is even more to use. The fact that this movie was “controversial” is based upon people fearing change, fearing women as powerful characters, and basically trying to keep the status quo that never should have been quo.

As a lover of comics, comic movies, and generally pop culture as a whole, I was ready for this movie. Not only was it a great introduction to a character that could have easily been mishandled and overpowered from the word GO. The directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck treated the character with reverence, while keeping humor and working to the characters’ strengths. So note my surprise that even before the movie started Marvel tugged hard on my heart strings when they rolled the opening scroll as always, but instead of it showing the usual Marvel characters and scenes, it was every one of Stan Lee’s cameos. A touching farewell and thank you to the godfather of some of Marvels most famous characters. That was well deserved for our recently passed Generalismo.


Okay, so this part is going to be sort of spoilery, but I feel most people have heard of this in some way by now. As anyone who follows or knows me, I am a massive Kevin Smith fan and in seeing the nod to Kevin Smith in Captain Marvel I couldn’t help but smile. A man who is one of the biggest supporters of comic books and comic book movies was given a slight nod from Marvel, and it was presented in the form of his departed friend Stan Lee reading his ‘Mallrats’ script. It was a beautiful moment to say the very least.

I know this is a few weeks late, but life happens to us all.

What did you think of Captain Marvel? How excited are you for Avengers Endgame? Let us know in the comments.

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