Calgary Expo 2019: John Delaney and C.C. Harrison Talk Comics and Komixstream

The written story, as well as recorded interview were done by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. (Photo credits to: Charles Cousins and Chris Doucher)

John Delaney and C.C. Harrison at the 2019 Calgary Expo (Photo credit: Charles Cousins/GeekNerdNet)

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and chatting with comic book artist and publisher of Komixstream comics, John Delaney, and writer C.C. Harrison at the 2019 Calgary Expo. I’ll say right off the top, they’re two of the coolest cats I’ve met to date. Both super fun, welcoming and needless to say, talented. Throughout his career, Delaney has worked on notable comics including Superman, The Simpsons and more, and also worked in animation on notable titles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron Force, Teddy Ruxpin just to name a few.

His latest, and very exciting project is Komixstream comics which was first developed about four years ago with the initial goal to enhance gaming on mobile devices, but without the millions of dollars behind them to do so, its focus was turned to produce “breathing” comics. “Comics that actually have a sense of depth and dimension that you can move through, slide characters out of the way, turn speech balloons off…something really interactive,” says Delaney. Having spent the last four years developing Komixstream, the official launch will take place this October at the 2019 New York Comic Con. Some of the books that will be introduced include MYSTERIA (a science hero), written by C.C. Harrison and drawn by Delaney, another by Delaney called DOCNOC, and FIRE ENGINE RED by George Michail. Go on, listen to the full interview below, and enjoy.

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