What Happened? The Life, Postponement and Possible Death of the New Mutants Movie

This article was written by staff writer, Michael Worthan. (All photo and trailer credits: Fox/Disney/IMDB)

Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane in The New Mutants (Photo credit: Fox/Disney/IMDB)

A conversation on Twitter I had kind of spurred me to bring up this speculation: What happened to the New Mutants movie that has now been moved, I believe, three times?

Its current IMDB page slates its new release date for April 3, 2020. The question though remains that Marvel has announced a slate of new features, movies as well as episodic shows for the Disney streaming service, and New Mutants was not named. Now, you may argue that New Mutants was not a Marvel flick, that it was Fox, well Disney owns the Fox entertainment and sports properties now, so wouldn’t they own that movie as well? Also, during Comic-Con it was noted that the second Doctor Strange movie would be Marvel’s first true horror film, which was the position that the New Mutants was supposed to take.

It is well documented that Maisie Williams, yes, she of Game of Thrones fame, stated that the rumor about re-shoots was false, and that she didn’t even know when or IF they would release the movie. Without re-shoots, and with time ebbing closer to the point where it wouldn’t be worth it to put the movie in theaters, will it come out?

My brother and I had a conversation about them putting it out digitally, just on Netflix or Hulu, or even Disney’s own streaming app that launches November 2019. In doing that, it would quench the interest of those of us who want to see what that movie was all about, and would probably not cost Disney all that much to do.

What do you think?