Calgary Expo 2019: BOGART CREEK Creator Derek Evernden

The written story, as well as recorded interview were done by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. (Photo credits to: Charles Cousins and Chris Doucher)

BOGART CREEK creator, Derek Evernden at the 2019 Calgary Expo. (photo credit: Charles Cousins/GeekNerdNet)

If you’re looking for multiple laughs, then look no further than Bogart Creek by cartoonist and writer, Derek Evernden. Some might call his book a nod to Gary Larson’s The Far Side, which quite frankly isn’t a bad thing at all. I highly recommend this book, and I can confidently say that Evernden’s first book definitely deserves a spot on the same shelf as The Far Side. At the 2019 Calgary Expo, I met and chatted with Evernden about his book - published by Renegade Arts Entertainment. He talks about his submissions to The New Yorker, but eventually realized that the stuff he really likes to do are a bit more off-colour and edgy and that The New Yorker would never touch them. Interesting note about the title. What and/or where is Bogart Creek? Well, it’s the creek that runs through the fields behind his parents’ place in Newmarket, Ontario. Have a listen to my interview (below) with Evernden and enjoy learning about how he got started, as well as the joke that caught the attention of Sylvester Stallone. Thanks again to Derek Evernden for taking the time to speak with me, and I l can’t wait for volume two of Bogart Creek.

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