Calgary Expo 2019: Kim Smith and Her Amazing Illustrated Books

The written story, as well as recorded interview were done by Chris Doucher, Managing Editor for GeekNerdNet. (Photo credits to: Charles Cousins and Chris Doucher)

Illustrator, Kim Smith, at the 2019 Calgary Expo. (Photo credit: Charles Cousins/GeekNerdNet)

Kim Smith, Canadian illustrator, chatted with me at the 2019 Calgary Expo. Her works include pop classic illustrated adaptations including Home Alone, X-Files, The Karate Kid, E.T., Back to the Future and more. The work got started for her when Quirk Books - the publisher for the pop classic series - reached out to her and asked if she’d like to illustrate the Home Alone book, and Smith jumped at the chance because, as Smith says: “The Home Alone movie was such a cherished movie from my childhood and I couldn’t let a project like that go.” After the great success of Home Alone, Smith went on to illustrate numerous books and all the while, she’s simply having fun doing it. In just four short years, Smith has illustrated six books and there’s no stopping now. For instance, her creator owned book, Boxitects, which launched this September. Learn more about the story behind these books and find out what her favourite book of the Pop Classics series is, and how her confidence has grown through the years.

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